Providing quality
healthcare to RACFs

HAWL stands for the Healthy Ageing, the Wellbeing and the quality
of Living for residents of aged care facilities.

At HAWL we understand that making a decision to relocate to a residential aged care facility (RACF) is never easy. It’s not just about a lifestyle choice or a “new home”. It’s a big decision that can invoke all sorts of emotions, such as anxiety, guilt, fear, loss of control or even relief.

Which is why at HAWL, our focus is on an all-encompassing approach to health in the aged care sector for all the participants involved. At HAWL we are pioneering a proprietary concept in healthcare services to the elderly population who reside in residential aged care facilities.

GP services and nursing

One of the most significant factors in providing quality residential aged care is to ensure that there is sufficient medical expertise provided by skilled practitioners at the RACF. Aged-care residents, particularly those in high care, need readily available access to a doctor – perhaps more than any other members of society. HAWL excels in this sector because we deliver a unique approach in providing support to general practitioners and nurses who offer their services to residents living in RACFs.

Residential Aged Care Facilities

In-residence healthcare

Better work-life balance

The HAWL difference

Our model ensures that:

  • All GPs are supported by an experienced nurse who will accompany and assist them in their normal consults, provide strong administrative support for the GPs and act as a liaison between the RACF, the GPs and the residents’ families. The HAWL GP and nurse partnership also enables a robust communication channel between the pair, in addition to alleviating pressure on the existing RACF nursing staff. The doctor and nurse enterprise guarantees a commitment to the delivery of a comprehensive primary health care model. The beneficiaries of this unique HAWL collaboration are the patients, their relatives and the community.
  • GPs attend to the residents during day time business hours. There are no untimely arrivals of medical staff after 6pm during residents’ sleep and meal times. This means fewer interruptions to the residents’ routine thereby improving the quality of life for residents by providing a holistic healthcare services at convenient hours.
  • The majority of medical staff (GPs and nurses) who provide care to the residents, are employed by HAWL, with the remaining small number contracted. The benefit in this arrangement to the resident is that they receive a consistent service according to a structured, annual health care plan, thus ensuring optimum patient care as a result of familiarity from the same attending doctor and nurse at the RACF.

Holistic point of view with
exceptional attention to detail

At HAWL we pride ourselves on reviewing each resident’s care needs from a holistic point of view with exceptional attention to detail. We also deliver additional healthcare assistance that includes:

  • Chronic and acute disease management
  • Direct case conferences with Allied Health input/referrals
  • Direct family conferences
  • Customised care plans
  • Comprehensive medical assessments
  • Residential medication management review processes
  • Dictation of medical notes
  • Direct liaison with specialists
  • Detailed handover to RACF staff

Our aim is to build professional, genuine and lasting relationships with RACFs by working as a team with Allied Health professionals and specialists to provide the highest quality care for each resident. At HAWL, we stand by our core guiding principles which drive our daily operations, ensuring that each RACF and each resident receives the best possible individually tailored clinical service.