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High-quality healthcare for residents in aged care is growing in importance as the number of older Australians increases.

Primary care for aged care residents usually involves the management of chronic diseases, rehabilitation, preventative care, end-of-life care and others; for many health care practitioners, work in this sector may be perceived as unattractive.

But what if we told you that we remove these misconceptions about aged care heath work and that HAWL works in a partnership with you to make the role rewarding, successful and fulfilling?

In fact, GPs and nurses have the potential to play an influential role in forming and contributing to this developing landscape. By visiting and treating these aged care residents, GPs or nurses going into RACFs can improve the health of aged care residents and play a prominent role as a medical professional by engaging every aspect of the RACF facility at various levels, increasing rapport-building and comfort for the patients and assuring them that their health will not deteriorate.

Opportunities in Aged Care

Why HAWL will invest in you

Because we care!

HAWL is a company that is passionate about people. Our commitment to enhancing lives extends beyond our residents and RACFs, to our employees. HAWL believes stability is paramount to our employees which is why we “invest” in our medical staff.

Part time or full time positions available:

  • Design your job! HAWL will help you build the best and most flexible working environment
  • We make sure you have a secure and fixed income attached to a bonus structure
  • We help assist you by providing continuity, stability, reliability and patient relationships
  • No weekends or after hours
  • Work close to home

Collaborative care approach

HAWL is an advocate for ethical practices.

HAWL is looking for people who share our philosophy of wanting to make a difference in the communities in which they live. At HAWL we endeavour to identify the most effective and favourable processes to assist all parties caring for people in aged care facilities in a collaborative manner.

HAWL appreciates a strong work ethic and the spirit of a strong collegial environment, in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction for all involved. We value the diversity that different skills and talents bring to the organisation and we actively support and encourage our staff to consistently excel beyond expectations by providing:

  • Ongoing education and career development
  • National career opportunities
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Supportive working environments
  • A chance to take a lead role in a growing industry

HAWL’s model of health care:

  • GP gains immediate entry into the aged care market
  • is based upon a proven 52-week clinical health service plan that incorporates other allied Health Professionals
  • frees up the GP’s time, enabling them to treat more patients during their session
    ensures nurses, play a leading role in tandem with the GP

Residential Aged Care Facilities

In-residence healthcare

Better work-life balance