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Collaborative teamwork is the core of what makes the HAWL Healthcare brand so unique.

It is indisputable that collaborative teamwork plays a critical role in the delivery of high quality health care and patient safety.

As a HAWL GP you are truly supported by your own dedicated nurse to manage and administer HAWL’s Annual Residential Health Care Plan. This specialised concept will allow you more time to address the current health needs as well as the preventive care requirements of the residents.

How it works?

To enable and assist all GPs to oversee the detailed, comprehensive and continuing process of medical care to the residents, the HAWL structure separates from tradition by emphasising that the delivery of premium quality care is not dependent on the GP alone, instead it relies heavily on a partnership between the GP and nurse.

The assigned nurse eliminates any administrative requirement of the resident visit process by recording and compiling a comprehensive health profile which will enable the GP to quickly complete a health assessment when he or she visits the resident. More importantly, the partnering nurse will fill out the necessary documentation including patient notes and Medicare compliant paperwork, paving the way for a straightforward and smooth consultation upon the GPs arrival at the RACF.

The ‘balance of care’ struck by this innovative approach to providing comprehensive healthcare to residents at RACFs, enables the GP to increase their financial reward and work-life balance, while optimising healthcare for their patients.

Duties and responsibilities

Our doctors can expect to take on a leadership and training role, in particular providing clinical oversight to enable our nurses to deliver more complex medical care and procedures.

Consulting with residents and their families, staff, RACF management and other health professionals during twice weekly visits to RACFs as resident numbers increase, our GPs will have the satisfaction of knowing they are delivering direct benefits to RACF residents. A rewarding career that promises to increase the demand for aged care health practitioners over time.

The package and benefits

  • Typical working week up to 35 hours or 5 days per week
  • Daily working hours generally between 9am and 4pm, there may be occasional requests for after-hours visits at your sole discretion
  • Flexible family friendly hours with no weekends – you can work out a package that suits your needs
  • Minimum fixed income with added incentive scheme
  • Your own dedicated nurse to support you
  • Generous employee entitlements such as annual leave and CPD leave and personal leave. Contribution to MDA insurance as well as either the use of a vehicle or a motor vehicle allowance, depending on the number of days worked
  • SIPs

Join us today

HAWL prides itself on attracting and retaining GP’s who have a reputation for delivering exceptional patient and resident care with empathy and compassion. HAWL is rapidly expanding nationally and we are seeking motivated and driven FRACGP/FACRRM practitioners to join our team to visit RACFs near your home. To express your interest in a role with HAWL as a GP please upload your CV for consideration or call us direct for a confidential discussion.

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