Our specialist healthcare services to the aged care community is designed to encourage stronger engagement with life and ultimately, to equip those under our care with the delivery of the highest quality of medical services.

Why HAWL should be your only choice for your loved one

As specialists, we realise the importance of communication with families and residents. While our focus is always on the care and needs of our residents, we also understand what you and your family are going through.

The benefits of HAWL Healthcare looking after your loved ones include:

  • A unique HAWL GP and nurse partnership that effectively guarantees the selected pair attending to your family member at the RACF become their ‘personal’ doctor and nurse.
  • HAWL takes lead of the patient doctor relationship directly by initiating clear and honest communication with the family members the aged care facility team.
  • The ability to interact with your family member’s health team quickly and efficiently; frequent communication also ensures continuity and increasing familiarity with the patient, ultimately promising a closer link between the patient, family and their doctor nurse team.
  • A distinctive collaborative health care approach by a GP nurse team that is second to none. Two registered practitioners looking after your family member together, consistently safeguards against disjointed care separately by a different doctor and nurse visiting at separate times.
  • Having a GP nurse team who are regularly on-hand and can build a rapport with residents is one of the keys to good health.
  • Making sure the your loved one at the facility has a positive and great experience with their medical team because they know that a GP and nurse are going to be there every week and they know that if they are sick or need to be seen to, that they will have peace of mind.

What your loved one can expect from the HAWL Healthcare team:

  • A systemic and structured annual health care plan
  • and initial consultation and nursing home visit by a dedicated doctor nurse team
  • A comprehensive medical assessment
  • A residential medication management review
  • Multi-disciplinary case conferences
  • Scheduled long and standard nursing home visits in accordance with the annual health care plan
  • Care plan contributions
  • Personalised and individually tailored well-being guidance and advice
  • Frequent and updated medicine reviews
  • Patient’s prescriptions written in consultation with other third party health providers to ensure their best interests are preserved and to maintain their quality of life
  • Peace of mind knowing that when your GP or nurse takes leave there is always another HAWL practitioner available ensuring uninterrupted consistency of care

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